Pray for Myanmar’s Children

A Myanmar military helicopter fired at a school in central Sagain Region, Myanmar, killing at least six children and wounding another 17 last week. Unfortunately, these kinds of attacks are all too common in Myanmar…

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PRAY daily together with other believers around the globe for God’s purposes to reign in our nation and the world during these trying times.

Don’t just know the news. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

For easy access, save this website to your smartphone screen. Then click it daily to join with us in prayer.

Instructions: Go to https://prayerwallforthenationandtheworld.wordpress.com, click the three dots on the top right for the dropdown menu, and then click “Save to Screen.”

Prayer Wall


Pray for Ukraine

So You Think You Can’t Fast

About the Prayer Wall

A former journalist, author Mikaela Vincent has served the Lord almost 30 years sharing Christ in a dark area of the world where Christians are persecuted and few have heard Jesus’ name. In 2020, God called her to open a Prayer Wall so Christians from throughout the world can gather together as one to push back the enemy and pray forth God’s purposes, not only in the midst of current national and global events but also within our own hearts. She is the author of multiple deep devotional Bible studies and other books for all ages on overcoming the enemy and removing the barriers to oneness with Christ and others. Her MoreThanAConquerorBooks.com best-seller Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder has helped many to freedom from anxiety and other strongholds. For a free guide to knowing God’s voice, and other resources, see the MoreThanAConquerorBooks bookstore.

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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m in love with how the greatness of the lord is being manifested to those who don’t know.
    I’m brother Eliman from Uganda 🇺🇬doing God’s work in my home area and I’m glad to join this community.


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